A change of plans

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Well it has been quite awhile since I last blogged. I have been staying busy with filming and reworking the footage to make a documentary about Cobary Jam. They have gotten some good write ups and done a few radio interviews that will be in the documentary. I included some links for you to check out. Some of the footage I shot is in Cobary Jam’s music video Back in Action, and from the Colorado Music Party @ SXSW. It’s all on their YouTube channel , check it out @ Cobary Jam Youtube

Colorado Music Buzz

Indie Nation FM

Indie News at Noon

Even CBS did a quick spot on the band for their last show:

CBS Denver

Here are a few places online to listen to the tracks from the release of their first EP:


Song Ladder

Billboard Music Store


Sound Cloud

You can purchase their EP at :



and even KKbox Taiwan :


If you want the actual CD it is available here in Denver at:

Marquee at Angelos's Cd's Colfax in Denver

                                                    Angelos’s Cd’s 

Mary at Twist and Shout in Denver with EP

                                                 Twist and Shout 

Mary at WaxTraxrecords in Denver


And just recently at Hastings in Norfolk Nebraska.

Jacob at Hastings in Norfolk Nebraska


So keep checking in it looks like things are getting ready to take off and it’s going to be a fantastic ride!

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